As the temperature heats up across the country (figuratively and literally), it seems the bloodshed is rising right along with it.
The abortion question serves as a potential jump-off point for sparking a major internal armed conflict in the U.S.
You cannot stop authoritarianism through elections - it takes an equally authoritarian force to defeat it.
For those committed to the policing of language, why should it come as a surprise that this just might manifest itself in real-world violence?
If you’re worried about “democracy dying in darkness,” quit being scared of people who voted for the other guy. Worry about the inability of people to…
This isn’t imperfect governance. This isn’t the cost of living in a free society.
The importance of oil, combined with geopolitical developments, means the next energy crisis will likely spell the end of the American empire.
The fact is, America does have a crime problem.
“Defend everyone else except your own country” seems to be an increasingly prevalent sentiment. How did we get here?
There’s no way to underscore just what an extraordinary moment we are living through, on so many levels.
Given that the trucker protest has been indisputably peaceful, what exactly about it concerns Trudeau that he felt the need to go this far?
If anyone thinks this is all just the normal course of American affairs, you are dead wrong.